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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 13, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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use at the chain or brand, but there are fewer fees. >> you lose a gift card you aren't necessarily out of luck. about two third of card issuers will replace them but that require as receipt. our friends in new york and new jersey are still cleaning up after superstorm sandy. many of the homes completely destroyed by the storm and fire leaving little to salvage. for the rest of the area cleanup is underway. three weeks without power. some customerrings are still in the -- customers are still in the dark. those frustrations over power outages may have caused an attack on an electrical worker. a man is recovering in the hospital after an attack. his name is john apple white. he's an electrical work are from
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tampa. he was beaten at a new york city restaurant while working on a super storm relief project. they stopped to get dinner. a man drove up, yelled something and punched apple white in the face. he's back in florida but in the hospital. the attack as not dampened apple white's spirit. >> i'm not going to let one person spoil that for me. >> apple wheat's face very swole -- apple white's face very swollen and will likely need a lot of surgery to repair his face. all right. here's something to smile about, from vacant properties to valued homes. habitat for humanity and the city joined to rebuild new homes on mccabe avenue. nine months from now qualifying
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families will get a chance to move. for three decades, habitat for humanity of the chase -- chesapeake has purchased homes to restore them. >> wart's back on for most living near that water main break in mt. vernon but repairs are close to completion. it's close to being able to test the main. this is a 16-inch main that broke between calvert and guilford streets. crews tried to fix the main. look at the size of the water main. >> huge. many consider it your obligation to vote. one woman was so mad at her husband for avoiding the polls, she tried to run him over with her car. >> get ready for more airline fees. overweight passenger, they're coming after you.
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>> this is abc2 meteorologist wyatt everhart, rain putting down half an inch across the baltimore area. the cool winds come. how does the rest of the week shape up? we've got that answer right after this. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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it was the first day of school when daniel borowy was shot. >> and now he wants to give back. >> reporter: we are inside the cafeteria of perry hall high school. daniel borowy's life was on the line. daniel and his father joins us live. are you excited to be back to school? >> yes. >> reporter: what's your favorite class? >> cooking. >> reporter: what are you going to cook me, daniel? i bet it's delicious. thank you for joining us.
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milton, borowy, what is it like to see so many celebrate your son's life. >> it's a wonderful community as they showed in their support of danny to begin with. now the support continues. i'm glad we get a chance to help support those that supported us, you know, and give back to the hospitals and the red cross and help with the support. anybody that's in the out there come out and give some blood. >> reporter: we should mention, the emergency from the american red cross they need several units. that's why people are lined up to do the same, not only to celebrate daniel but to celebrate others. >> it's a part of something that goes on. for those of us that are able to, giving blood is a great idea. danny did need that.
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without programs like that, obviously, he would not be here today. >> reporter: this is your first time coming inside the cafeteria. what's the feeling? >> it's still a very eerie feeling. it is the first time i've been here. eerie is the only way to describe it. but, you know, we're here. i put any of my feelings aside to help support those to help keep him alive. i'm sure danny feels the same and he wants to help support f we can -- support. if we can give back, that's what we'll do. >> reporter: danny, you've done amazing. are you happy? >> yes.
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>> big thumbs up. >> reporter: lack at that camera and give a big thumbs up. thank you so much. it's an honor to talk to you and milton as well. the blood drive goes on at perry hall high school until 8:00. 60 people have signed up but walk will be ins are well -- walk-ins are welcome. we saw it saved daniel's life and can save others. up to you. >> you know what we saw? a young man was shot, goes back to the cafeteria to do something great for shock trauma. >> paying it forward. >> we have a late slide on wall street left all three with minor losses. the dow slid down around 58 points. the nasdaq lost 20. the s&p 500 was down five. >> if you're looking to veeps apparently -- to invest apparently hundreds of shares of
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facebook could be up for sale. when facebook went public in may there was a lockup agreement restricting some shareholders from selling for a certain period of time. the lockups are meant to help boost up the stock prices but so far it has not worked. there's going to be a lot of passengers flying for thanksgiving. this year some airlines are enforcing new policies. american airlines requires overweight passengers to buy an extra seat if they can't buckle the seat belt. delta can ask the passenger to board another flight if space is limited. layer canada will allow overweight passenger as free extra seat if they do have a doctor's note. >> so will texting soon be outdated? it isn't going extinct just yet
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but texting it on the decline. for the first time in u.s. history the number of monthly texts fell. people are turning to smartphone apps like skype, google voice and facebook messaging or they're getting text services built into their phones like ap's i--- apple's. we should not hesitate to do a good deed, right? when one woman went to help victims in a car crash, thieves helped themselves to her cash. >> plus if you can record a emergency for your kids to receive in 10, 20 years what would you say? how one man's fight for cancer is helping to get messages to his loved ones.
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the person who claimed to have had an underaged sexual relationship with kevin clash has recan'ted that claim. a lawyer for the accuser said the two had a consensual relationship. we'll have more at 6:00. you can see rain in the southeastern corner. showers coming down through worcester county. it brought significant rain. we picked up on average a third to a half an inch. again, the last of the line now pushing out of the state down here in the southeast corner. all right. how does today stack up to normal. 58 normal. 55 where we've been today as
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cold as 22. pretty seasonable. this high temperature coming just after mid-night. temperatures not getting out of the 40s. tomorrow it's going to be a tough struggle. by the way, bwi pick up just under one half earn of -- inch of precipitation. it will be chap stick weather tonight. it will dry out the skin. that is for sure. i want to take a look at some of the weather through the day. i had a decent scenario once the clouds burned off. boy, the cold breezes make its presence felt. a beautiful sunset on the susquehanna. that brings in that cold canadian flow.
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not as windy tomorrow but enough of the cold air kind of settling in that this will keep things on the windy side. cold air will be settling in. then another frigid night tomorrow night before temperatures moderate on thursday. you can see the trend keeping us high and dry and clear the rest of the evening and the early part of march. it's high pressure in control. that will mean improving conditions. chilly initially. when you get these big canadian high pressure bubbles. the wind will abate by tomorrow and into the day on thursday the chill abates. then dry sunny conditions and improving weather beginning thursday here. this will continue into friday and probably to kick off the weekend on saturday, weather look good for us. tonight 32, clear and colder.
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frost by dawn. tomorrow 50 mostly sunny. by tomorrow night down to 30, clear skies as we drop below freezing. the next few days warming up a little bit each day, perhaps a little more than the numbers indicating. here is maryland's most accurate seven-day forecast. as we look beyond friday, saturday into sunday, not so bad. rain into the day on monday. we'll fine tune that as we get closer. back to you. an arizona woman took her political frustrations out on her husband by hitting her with the car. she became furious with her husband for not voting. he said his wife hates obama and
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she found out he didn't vote. >> she started screaming at him. he started walking away. she started driving circles around him. he tried to get away and she ran into him. >> she is facing assault and her hus bond is recovering with -- husband is recovering with serious internal gyres a woman stops to help the victim of a bad car crash. a thief took that opportunity to swipe her rent mony. peggy ray jumped out. as she raced new in to -- raced in to help, she kept of the people stable until firefighters arrived. when she returned to her scar someone had stole -- car, someone had stolen $900 out of her car. >> $900. almost two weeks worth of work. >> peggy says she can't afford the loss. she's got six kids to support,
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trying to save for nursing school. even though she was ripped off, she said she wouldn't do it differently. >> duncan started a unique messaging service. >> reporter: it was december 2010. duncan say, a 36-year-old father of three was diagnosed with cancer, an aggressive form of melanoma. >> a couple weeks before christmas. it was at that moment you're wondering your own longevity on the planet. >> reporter: he thought of things he would like to tell his children, not then but well into the future, kind of like michael keaton in "my life." >> i want to leave you this videotape so you know something about me. >> messages of wisdom, lessons learned in life, to be able to
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deliver a youtube type message to my kids in the future. >> reporter: except there was no simple and efficient way to do it online. so he launched ever gram, tend lets people create messages and have them delivered sometime in the future. he realized it could apply to all kinds of things. weddings would be especially high deal. by allowing the bride and groom's friends to offer congratulatory messages. >> your uncle bill is so crowd and we can't wait to meet daniel. >> reporter: a user creates account and invites guests to participate. the service is free. for now the company is focused on building its use are baissments to whip up a little buzz, duncan doned a wedding dress at a technology conference, mindful it's difficult to get attention at a
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technology start-up. >> i thought who better than myself to be showing new a wedding dress to create attention. >> reporter: the stunt paid off. bloggers took off and the company is making traction. >> teacher appreciation, anniversaries, graduations, memorials, class yearbooks and birthdays. >> reporter: he said he would some time like to build in the feature to have the message delivered after one's death. reporting for cnn, san francisco. all right, coming up at 6:00, adopt a pet for free. why one person's jen ross thy will help -- generosity will help top your family and new recommend dations --
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recommendations on breast feeding.
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when you think of the holiday music, you think of christmas carrolls. >> we are going to have a good time. >> catchy, uh? >> the song let youtube less than a week ago and already as more than 4 million hits. it was written by the man behind rebecca black's infamous "friday" song. some are calling it the worst
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song ever. 12-year-old nicole westbrook doesn't seem to mind. >> honestly, i don't care what the critics think. they can say whatever they want. >> good for you. nicole said this year she's entitled to it. >> the end of the twilight saga creeping up on us. >> it's ending. the final film, breaking dawn part two broke in l.a. george pennachio was there. >> reporter: the whole gang is back one more time for the breaking saga breaking dawn. >> we put everything into the movie, especially the last one. we paid tribute not only to this film but the entire franchise. the stars agreed the fans and some fans waited for days.
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>> i'm still in shock from the first one. just how sweet everybody is. >> i'm not going to watch president movie tonight so i can go back. i promised alt fans i would sign for them. i haven't seen the film and will miss it. >> reporter: always gives the unsuspecting twi hard. she was 15 in the second -- first one and is now 22. >> even though i'm still really young, i definitely credit it with a lot of comfort i have. >> reporter: this is twilight's grand finale. new characters come out to play.
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>> people who love this. you have to realize it's in its on contained world and life outside of the situation is real and this is not real. >> there's one major change in the book, by think they love it. i think they'll dig it. it will make it much more cinematic. >> reporter: the waiting is much more over, breaking dawn part 2, the end of it all hits theaters on friday. george pennachio, abc2 news. >> i cannot wait. >> deniro in it? >> no. >> i won't be there. you'll be there? >> catching the matinee. >> it's time to roll up your sleeves. >> we're celebrating the recovery of daniel borowy. abc2 news starts right now. >> look at this fight on an mta bus. it's all caught on video, what the agency has to slay about the driver and what -- sayut


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